September 21, 2014

Staying Stylish, Sassy and On budget

These days, we’re all looking for great deals, even on fashion. Being budget-conscious is a necessity these days, as the economy continues to stay in a very slow, “recovering from recession” mode. No matter what our budget is, however, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice style. Looking stylish is especially important these days, when everyone needs a boost from the harsh news of the economy.

How can we keep ourselves looking fresh when our eyes are so trained on the bottom line? Is it possible? Yes, it is! It all takes being smart about what we buy, doing the research and scoping out the deals.

There are great deals on fashion all over—finding them means committing to the thrill—and the fun—of the hunt.

Research, research, research. That’s the key to finding great deals on fashion. Do you have a certain look in mind you want to achieve? Scope out the look in the pages of Vogue or another great stylebook or website. Then scour the online sites for pieces

Models on the catwalk

that can recreate the look you love, but at a much lower price.

Check out designer outlet stores—some of these stores offer killer clothes at incredible discounts. What about “vintage” (or used) items? Find a classic you love, and then combine it with some sassy accessories from bargain department stores to dress it up. Combine a crisp white shirt with a designer jacket you get at discount, throw on some colorful bracelets, and you’ve got a killer look that won’t break the bank!

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