August 22, 2014

What’s Behind a Label?

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Have you ever considered what is behind the label to be found on your clothing? Sure, certain labels imply a high price, while others leave one scratching their head, wondering who would name their clothing by that particular name. But when it comes to recognizable clothing brands, that little label speaks volumes about the company that manufactures the garment that you’re considering buying.


When it’s a top fashion label you’re fingering on the inside of a shirt collar, you can be assured of several things. In almost every case, top designers have worked their way up through the rungs of the fashion design world. Even in the cases of top talent, very few designers have begun their careers in the middle of the competitive crowd. Even fewer have had such successes that they were almost immediately thrust into the upper echelons of haute couture. No, a brand name label indicates that the designer has learned from the school of hard knocks. That means that they know a few things about quality, craftsmanship, and using fabrics that will retain a new appearance for a long time. All of that and more is included in the label that is attached to your garment.


When the label you see refers to a completely unknown brand, that doesn’t automatically mean it is comprised of inferior quality craftsmanship nor stitching. It could be a new designer that’s just beginning to make waves in the fashion world. But it could denote a brand that is making completely inferior clothing. Go with your gut feeling on the matter: if the stitching is off, or the piece looks poorly constructed, it probably is.


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