September 17, 2014

3 Characteristics of a Costume Designers Guild Award Winner

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Costume designers for films certainly have a tough job, especially when trying to outfit plenty of cast members and extras for hundreds of scenes. Some scenes may even require multiple outfit changes, which increases the clothing the costume designer must find. However, it all pays off during the Costume Designers Guild Awards, an event that pays tribute to the costume designers of Hollywood blockbusters.

The awards show often features plenty of actors and actresses who present the awards to the designers in honor of how their characters were portrayed. It takes quite a bit of work to become a well-known designer of costumes however, and there are a few characteristics that can help push aspiring designers in the right direction.

First, residing in big cities where films are produced is a key part of being involved in the movies.  Many producers will choose a local over someone who resides farther away, mainly because these individuals are typically well known. The second key to success in costume design is to never pay personal funds. Producers that can’t afford to pay the creative minds are often not individuals with whom anyone wants to be involved. Selecting thousands of costumes is very expensive, and the risk of not being reimbursed is much too high. The third characteristic is keeping a well-stocked and professional portfolio of work, which will lead to additional jobs on more interesting sets.

Becoming a Costume Designers Guild Award winner is not easy. Like most other roles in film, it can be tough to break into the industry. Those who are motivated, however, may find it to be a very rewarding and unique career opportunity.